Nitrous Oxide

We provide several option for conscious sedation to help ease our patients’ anxiety during their dental care. This can be helpful for those entering into a potentially painful procedure, or even just to calm the nerves during a cleaning for a particularly anxious patient. It allows for the patient to have a much easier, stress-free experience, and allows Drs. Oleg and Nikole Shvartsur to successfully complete necessary treatment.

Sedation Options

Drs. Oleg and Nikole Shvartsur offer two types of sedation at our Issaquah dental office: inhaled nitrous oxide and oral sedation.

  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can be used for any procedure, including re-care (cleaning) appointments. Under nitrous oxide sedation, you will experience less anxiety and a higher pain threshold.
  • Oral sedation involves taking a sedative the night before and the morning of the procedure. Oral sedation the night before with a prescription allows the patient to sleep better the night before their appointment and reduces anxiety the time of the visit. It makes the time go faster and offers an overall better experience.

Our goal is to provide such a positive experience that patients won’t need sedation dentistry. However, we understand that a visit to any dental office can bring up a lot of fears for many people. Sedation dentistry can alleviate these fears in a safe manner, allowing our patients to receive the dental care they need. 

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